Michael Van Veen 
Current Location 
Los Angeles, CA  
Contact Information  
Mobile: (724) VAN-VEEN  
Email: michael@mvanveen.net 
Website: mvv.io  
Github: github.com/mvanveen  

Senior Software Engineer, Glitch.ai March 2020 - March 2020
I joined the marketing attribution startup Glitch.ai on March 16, 2020. However, due to COVID-19 the company was forced to shutter operations on March 27, 2020.

  • enabled experimentation for a data science task by leveraging existing continuous integration (CI) infrastructure on top of AWS CodeBuild using terraform.

Machine Learning Engineer, ZestFinance Sep 2018 - March 2020
Senior Associate, Data Science Team

  • Contributing to model fairness and explainability research and library development (using Python, tensorflow/keras, numba, xgboost, pandas, numpy)
  • Contributing to client-facing development efforts
  • Streamlining POC client (proof of concept) model development processes and tooling

Software Engineer, ZestFinance July 2017 - Sept 2018
Currently working on the Zest Automated Machine Learning (ZAML) product and related ML infrastructure/tooling.

  • Developed a protype knowledge engineering workflow framework starting from early ideation.

    The framework captured descriptions of day-to-day modeling activities within Jupyter notebook and RStudio to automate generation of compliance and risk management documentation.

    Supported data provenence for predictive models built with machine learning libraries such as xgboost, sklearn and tensorflow.

  • Provided development and support for model hosting infrastructure in production enterprise B2B settings.

Software Engineering Consultant, Self-Employed Feb 2016 - July 2017
Projects included:

  • Terranodo, Python software consultant for government GIS contract.
  • Growthbot.io, Principal engineer. Built out Slack bot SaaS product MVP. Managed design and engineering resources.
  • Fight For the Future, Full-stack software consultant. Built out a video recording widget for the July 12th “Battle for the Net” day of action around net neutrality.

Backend Software Engineer, Manifest Commerce Nov 2014 - Feb 2016
Backend software engineer.

  • Co-authored and launched rewrite of Manifest’s advertising platform. Responsibilities included early monitoring, alerting and release management duties. Project was built on AWS using technologies such as Python, Celery, Flask, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, and RabbitMQ.
  • Supported and scaled platform from first test ad to over $1M revenue / month and majority of client spend.
  • Primary technical resource for client importer onboarding. Worked directly with account managers. Trained technical account managers in sufficient Python skills to help maintain internal ETL pipeline.

Software Engineering Consultant, Self-Employed Nov 2012 - Nov 2014
Projects included:

  • Matterport, Provided web and RESTful API development services (2014)
  • Manifest Commerce, Client importer consultant (2013-2014)
  • Real Pie Media, Godofwar.com tech lead. Coordinated cross-team efforts. Contributed to active feature development (2013)
  • Joystick Interactive, Google Social Voting App backend developer (2012)

Software Engineer, Getaround Nov 2010 - Sept 2012,
Was one of the first engineering hires. Helped develop, maintain and support a 24/7 car rentals platform that enabled users the ability to rent and unlock cars owned by their peers from their phone. Primary author on services for car unlock API and event-based email system.

Student Intern, Jet Propulsion Laboratory June 2009 - Sept 2009,
Developed a set of code rule compliance checkers in Python and C++ under the supervision of Dr. Gerard Holzmann at the Laboratory for Reliable Software (LaRS). Code checkers targeted Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) flight software and enforced rules defined in the NASA/JPL C coding standard.

Student Intern, Jet Propulsion Laboratory June 2007 - Sept 2007,
June 2008 - Aug 2008
Co-developed a web application which assisted Systems Engineering team in management of command and telemetry dictionaries.

Co-founder, Zooomr, Inc. Oct 2005 - June 2007
Zooomr was a Techcrunch-featured photo sharing application that supported OpenID authentication, mobile upload, geotagging, trackbacks, comments as well as localization in over 20 languages (now defunct).


Python, SQL, C, C++, PHP, LATEX, HTML, CSS, R, Bash


Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X, Google App Engine, Amazon AWS, Azure, Heroku


Docker, vim, git, NGINX, Apache Web Server, NGINX, SSHD, GNU


University of California, Davis 2013
Bachelors of Science
Major: Computer Science